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Oh boy, what a DJ! OHMYBOY is an electronic dance music artist on overload! The talented DJ/producer combines straight house and techno with pinches of urban music flavours, serving you a fresh new sound which will wake up the animal inside you! No surprise that his first single in 2017 "I'm On Overload" gained almost 1 million clicks on Youtube and 500k on Spotify. So his latest single released in december on AKA AKA's label SacreBleu was remixed by techno legend Gabriel Ananda. 2018 OHMYBOY will release some techno bombs on UK's famous Eton Messy Records.

Behind the decks OHMYBOY is an enthusiastic, powerful and funny performer, always with a big smile on his face. But If you think OHMYBOY is a weirdo, you should meet his arrogant blue puppet clone that always joins his show while fulfilling any DJ cliché in a totally weird way. 

It can be no surprise that the Berlin-based award-winning producer (i.e. golden record, VIVA Comet "best party song", ECHO nomination) and visual artist behind OHMYBOY used to work with and for artists like Gabriel Ananda, Pleasurekraft, Robyn, Mando Diao, Umek, Kris Menace, Pizzaman (Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim), ATB, Tube & Berger, AKA AKA, Laserkraft 3D, Marusha and many more! 

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