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KANJO is a producer, DJ and beatbox artist from another world. He lost his past as an internationally successful award winning artist to reincarnate into a next level version of himself. As a Berlin artist with his deep roots in the electronic music he works with young new talents from all over the world to create trappy electronic dance music with influences from all kinds of cultures: Arabic flavor, Asian sounds, African rhythm and Reggae Feeling.

With the talented upcoming star NOVAA, KANJO created a melancholic dance track with an intense mood and an infectious drop. Open your eyes and ears and jump into the mystical world of KANJO – Living in a retro future on a desert planet the musician with the tiger mask is driving around with a converted floating classic car through breathtaking landscapes, passing mystic war robots and space shuttles which are lying still for an unknown reason. Taking NOVAA on a road trip through his world, both are getting soaked deeper and deeper into this surrealistic setting
full of unsolved mysteries, trying to escape from the reawaking robots and space shuttles. Before really understanding what´s happening, NOVAA awakes. Dream or reality? We don´t know, as KANJO´s world, is the past of YOUR very own future…

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