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JANARA is a young, creative, talented and very auspiciously woman in the electronic music scene. Based and well-kown in Cologne and further surroundings, she already made her first steps into the scene some years ago. With a wide musical range, which brought her during the years from her deeper groovy roots, slowly to her current style of music, straight and melodic Techno. As time goes by, she recognized her deep passion for Techno music and the feelings, she can create with her music and how she can project her joy to the crowd. Jasmin uses her impulsive nature in her sets and always creates a perfect musical balance between her former melodically influence, rough and strong lines, melancholic parts, mystic patterns and heady sections. She definitely knows how to make the people dance wild and happy, or just let them enjoy the power and beauty of Techno. Besides of that, she is with her whole appearance - also apart from the musical aspect - an epitome for a great vibe behind the DJ booth.

Started in around 2015 with living room and garage sessions, her first own DJ and event projects, followed by the first opening slots in smaller clubs and open airs organized from close friends, she attracted the attention of „Animado“, a merger of several promoter and artists and meanwhile one of the leading club event organizers of Cologne. After getting into their crew and became an integral part of their events and their own booking pool, the first step of her young career was already made in 2017. Because of her motivation, skills, passion for what she’s doing and the ever-increasing degree of popularity, which was also caused by her first shows at „Bootshaus“ (to which no further words are needed), she got very fast in the scene of Dusseldorf as well, which brought her further gigs and a another residency at „Silq“. Due to that and an always more than great feedback on her performance, her radius expanded to the whole area of North Rhine-Westphalia and the south of Germany. With current residencies in Cologne and some cities of so called "Ruhr area" (Dusseldorf, Essen), her first confirmed festival shows in 2019, a very fast growing fanbase and her first own tracks - which will be released very soon - she is moving straight forward, focussed on a very promising future.

So this girl surely will take you on a wild Techno ride, which is getting in touch with an unique and intense atmosphere. Are you ready to join her pure madness?

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